University Workshop

Congratulations on making it this far through your academic career! Certain universities require students to take an university entrance examination in order to secure a place at many prestigious universities. Additionally in many cases, an interview might also be necessary. The aforementioned examinations will evaluate a variety of cognitive skills. An entrance interview will assess your passion and knowledge about the subject that you plan to pursue.

As a leading tuition agency, our tutors possess expert knowledge and advice. This has helped to prepare students for their upcoming examinations. We created this workshop to help students who may not have had prior tuition. These workshops will also be suitable for students who have limited time to prepare fully for the next phase of their academic journey.

Our university workshop tutors will advise on what universities look for. They will also be able to support students on how to meet the essential educational objectives for specific institutions. Scholarius tutors have already been through these processes themselves, making them well aware of the requirements required to pass these examinations. With this specialised knowledge, students can also obtain exclusive information from their tutors during the sessions.

Our tutors have experience successfully assisting students in securing offers from top universities such as Imperial College London, Cambridge, and Harvard.

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