University Advisory

If you are hoping to apply to any higher educational institution, then congratulations on making it this far into your academic career!

The endless opportunities for personal and professional growth make this a very exciting and important decision.

It can appear significantly overwhelming to navigate this process alone. Many factors may contribute. Including: academic results, future career paths, and the establishment’s suitability. To help ensure students are confident and happy with their choices, we offer University Advisory services. Gaining an education at an institution that is right for you is a unique experience which will open many doors for your future. This will give you the chance to further your knowledge, network, and enjoy fascinating new experiences that you will carry for a lifetime.

As of 2021, there are over 25,000 universities worldwide to choose from. With millions of applications each year, meaning you may face some steep competition. Our University Advisory service can help you stand out. Students will be accurately matched with tutors and consultants who are best suited to help on their journey. Scholarius offers support and guidance throughout the application process. Our tutors will help you shine at each stage.

We are also here to help advise on course selections and implement plans in order to give yourself the very best chance of acceptance. Including setting academic goals, putting together a portfolio (if required), and exam and interview preparation. We offer both in-person and online advisory services, which means we are available to assist overseas students applying to UK universities. In addition we offer services for domestic students looking to apply to an international university.

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