Tuition Services

Scholarius is a leading provider of private tuition in London. With a range of highly experienced and enthusiastic tutors. We are able to efficiently match your child with the right tutor for their learning goals. We believe that all children and young people deserve support and to be given every opportunity to thrive. Yet, within group educational environments, it is not always possible to serve each student’s need

Scholarius tutors will effectively assess which teaching methods work the best with your child and use them to effectively guide and support your child through their educational journey. Our tutors are passionate, adaptable and dedicated to raising the ambitions of children. 

Additionally, we know that a love for learning is a life-long passion that enriches our experience of the world. However, we also recognise that opportunities can put added pressure on young people. Therefore, our aim is to inspire and nurture, ensuring we support a learning experience that is both constructive and enjoyable. In addition our tutors have successful seen their students through the entire schooling career. Resulting in students securing places at top institution such as; MIT, Australian National University, and Oxford.

We offer online, in-person and in-school tuition. In addition a trained team of tutors are able to cover a wide variety of subjects. Whilst maintaining a personalised approach to teaching.