Schools Advisory

Perhaps you suspect that an independent school may be the right route to education for your child. However, private schooling is a big commitment. This is a commitment in terms of finances and possibly lifestyle to. Independent school days and holidays can often be longer. Furthermore students may be expected to negotiate a heavier workload.

Deciding which school your children will attend may be one of the biggest decisions you make and most of us do not have the knowledge needed to make the proper comparisons.

However, Scholarius has in-depth working knowledge in regards to many UK independent schools. Having tutored many children through prep school entrance exams, Scholarius benefit from a unique insight into the areas in which certain schools excel and what these schools are seeking in their potential alumni.

Through our schools advisory services, we are able to assist you in selecting the right school for your child. Having gathered a comprehensive understanding of your child’s academic abilities and ambitions, as well as taking into account their personality and approach to learning, we are able to advise on the schools most suitable for your child.

Upon this, we will share with you our knowledge of these institutions and advise on how to successfully apply.

We are able to assist you in:

  • Creating a short-list of schools that would be suitable
  • Arranging school visits and tours
  • Entry exam revision and preparation
  • Preparing your child for the interview process through Interview Coaching

Our schools advisory service is more than advisory. Our tutoring services, unique insights and soft skills coaching can actively assist in giving your child the very best chance of a successful application to the schools most likely to steer their future.

Scholarius schools advisory services join you in taking a proactive approach to your child’s education.