Oxbridge Advisory

Oxford and Cambridge remain two of the most prestigious universities not only in the UK but in the world. An education at either institution is a unique experience and opens doors many doors.

If your goal is to study at Oxford or Cambridge University then congratulations, that’s an impressive ambition. However, being such a wonderful opportunity, you will be faced with some steep competition.

Every year Oxbridge universities receive thousands of worthy applications. In 2021 Cambridge was able to offer 4,245 places to the 22,788 students who applied and Oxford received 23,414 applications for its 3,932 places in 2021.

Our Oxbridge Advisory service can help you stand out.

Scholarius offers help and guidance through the application process, helping you shine through at each stage. We are also here to help advise you on your course selection and implement a plan for what you need to do to give yourself the very best chance of acceptance. Including setting academic goals, putting together a portfolio (if required), and exam and interview preparation.

Being available both in-person and online means we are available to assist overseas students applying to Oxbridge universities.

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