Congratulations on getting this far into your academic career!

If you are now looking to gain acceptance into an international university. Then you may have to take university entrance known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test or the Graduate Management Admission Test ( SAT + GMAT).

These university entrance exams will test various cognitive abilities to assess your suitability to the university you are applying for. The SATs are a general multiple choice examination used mainly for entry into US and Canadian universities. However, universities from all around the world accept these examination results. This test has 3 compulsory sections which will test Maths, Critical Reading skills along with evidence-based reading and writing analysis. There is also a 4th optional essay component which certain universities and course could require you to do.

The GMAT is a standardised test for students looking to attend a business university on an MBA programme. There are 4 sections to this examination which include: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. These four sections will test your ability to analyse, interpret, and evaluate information presented to you in various forms. It will also test your communication skills and critical thinking ability. This test is computer adaptive meaning the test will change in difficulty with the test takers accuracy.

Central to our philosophy here at Scholarius Consulting is that educational should be accessible. Not only physically, but also in a way that is beneficial to each students needs. Since 2015 our tutors have noted that environment is an important factor in effectiveness of a session. Due to this we offer online tuition services so students can access them same level of support from an optimal environment.

As a leading tuition agency, our tutors possess expert knowledge and advice. Which will help to prepare you for your upcoming examinations. Using online resources our tutors will provide a goal-oriented plan with advice such as the best time to start preparations and what to expect. Developing your confidence and analytical and writing skills will help you achieve the score needed to attend your prospective university.

Our SAT & GMAT tutors are highly dedicated and have gone through this process themselves giving them specialist insight into the requirements of each test.  Using technology such a screen sharing and video-calling Scholarius tutors will spend time getting to know you and helping you implement examination techniques in a way that compliments your learning style. Our tutors will ensure to address all gaps in knowledge and examination anxiety.