GCSE History

With the number of subjects taken at GCSEs and the vast content within each subject, it can seem overwhelming. It can be easy to focus on the content you enjoy and neglect the seemingly more challenging aspects.

Our online GCSE history tutoring sessions aim to support and also offer guidance to students going through this process. We aim for the examination process to be seen as enjoyable and rewarding, instead of appearing daunting. 

History is a vast subject. Studying different eras, cultures and how they relate to current times is endless and interconnected, making it a fascinating but content-heavy subject. History provides students with an awareness of international and domestic political and cultural structures. The recollection and cognisance skills developed through this subject are valuable, helping to prepare for higher education environments and career paths.

Our online GCSE tutors will closely follow the specification of your child’s chosen examination board to ensure that all objectives are being met and all relevant knowledge is understood. Helping students read around the subject and apply thematic analysis to excel when placed in a timed examination condition.

Here at Scholarius Consulting, we apply a holistic approach to education. We believe that education should be accessible and exciting for all students. By employing the use of constantly improving technology our online GCSE history tutoring sessions will be as effective as our in-person sessions.

Our GCSE History Tutors