GCSE Chemistry

If taking a triple science GCSE, you will take three separate examinations based on the three core sciences.

The government has raised the expectations for GCSE science examinations in an attempt to keep pace with the highest performing countries. In this way, these examinations are more difficult for students. This may appear a worrying factor, however the examination process can be a satisfying experience with the correct guidance and plan.

Chemistry allows individuals to understand the composition and reactions of elements and compounds. Scholarius online GCSE Chemistry tutors will help develop your child’s understanding of scientific theories. In addition our tutors strengthen abilities to analyse and explain scientific concepts critically. Using educational technologies we will assess which teaching techniques and learning resources create the best results for your child and actively employ them.

Tutors will closely follow the specification of each examination board to ensure that the right help is being provided on the right content. The tutor sessions will be tailored to match the examination board’s specifications that you are using.

Our tutors aim to engage and empathise with their students. Thus, allowing for your child’s curiosity on how and why things are made will be satisfied.

We also offer GCSE Biology and Physics tutoring.  

Our GCSE Chemistry Tutors