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If you are looking to attend an institution requiring you to undergo the BMAT exams, then congratulations! You have chosen to attend among the most prestigious universities.

The BioMedical Admission Test is administered by certain universities to students looking for an entrance onto medical, dental, biomedical, and veterinary programmes. This 2-hour examination will assess subject-specific knowledge and also core skills which higher educational institutions have deemed essential for the previously mentioned medical degrees.

Universities that require you to take this examination include:

Brighton and Sussex

Imperial College London

Keele University Lancaster

University College London

University of Cambridge

Leeds University

University of Oxford

The central ideology here at Scholarius is that education should be accessible while also being enjoyable for all. Therefore, we offer online services to ensure that students with time and geographical restrictions will also benefit. Our tutors have been carefully selected for their academic brilliance and dedication. The team of BMAT tutors in London will support you through the entire entrance examination process. This further ensures that our students will receive a high level of expertise and knowledge that students. Thus allowing students to understand topics that may appear in the exam fully.

The team of BMAT tutors in London will support you through the entire entrance examination process. In addition tutors will address any obstacles faced by students. Furthermore adopting a holistic approach to education allows our tutors to consider all aspects of the examination process that may be hindering progress and reduce the intensity of this.

Scholarius tutors fully understand what students need in order to excel and stand out in these examinations. Moreover our BMAT tutors have gone through this process themselves, giving them key insight into how to navigate this process. Using a mixture of educational technologies, students will receive the same bespoke sessions that they would in person.

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