A-Level German

German is the native language of around 100 million people and is the 11th widely spoken language. A-Level German goes further than understanding and speaking the language. It also exposes students to understand the culture and worldwide influence as well. 

We offer bespoke A-Level German private tuition services. Our tutors will help to develop your understanding and recognition of a wide range of vocab and grammar. Using a holistic approach to education, our tutors will assess your child’s unique learning style. In order to create an optimal plan, our tutors use their countless resources and techniques that work well with them. We aim for students to pass the examination and feel confident enough to travel to Germany and speak the language.

Whether students need help to increase their ability in the German language, increase confidence, or provide a comprehensive explanation of misunderstood information, our tutors will be able to assist. Scholarius tutors will consistently assess the progress being made and tailor the sessions to ensure that the content is challenging. In addition receive information that satisfies and encourages a curious mind. 

Linguistic skills developed by A-Level German show a high level of communicative skills. Understanding and expressing complex thoughts, which students may lose with only a basic understanding of the language, is a relevant and desired characteristic.

Our A-Level German Tutors