A-Level Further Mathematics

A-Level Further Maths gives students broader knowledge of mathematical concepts and principles. If you are considering career opportunities in areas such as finance, this will be a beneficial subject.  A-Level Further Maths can also be very useful for A-Level Maths and can act as a predictor of what to expect at university.

Although a challenging subject, Further Maths can be advantageous and enjoyable if approached with the right mindset.

Our A-Level Further Maths tutors will be carefully paired with you. Scholarius Further Maths tutors have gained qualifications in Maths, Further Maths and related subjects from top-level institutions. This level of experience also allows our tutors to provide effective online tuition with interactive resources.

The online tutoring sessions will aim to increase your understanding of pure maths modules and improve the ability to analyse and solve mathematical problems. Tutors will cover basics such as matrices, imaginary numbers, and coordinate systems. In addition our tutors will focus on what the specification of your child’s exam board is testing.

Employing a nurturing and holistic style of education means tutors will use the most engaging techniques that complement your learning styles.

Here at Scholarius, we view education as a journey. We aim to assist you down the paths you have chosen to go down and provide advice on the best ways to get there.

Our A-Level Further Maths Tutors