A-Level French

French is among one of the most widely spoken languages. With countries including Congo, Canada, and France having communities that use the French language. French A-Level goes beyond understanding the language. 

Students will also explore the history, culture, and traditions. Scholarius tutors will incorporate these factors ensure to take into consideration your specific interests to make the learning experience more enjoyable and thus engaging. 

Scholarius tutors aim for students to understand the language fully and not passively intake information to regurgitate in examinations. Language skills are not only valuable for students wishing to go on to study this at university but, they also open the doors to a wide array of career opportunities. Furthermore learning French also allows you to enjoy a wide array of media in their original format as intended. Rather than loosing the meaning through translation. In addition to the previously mentioned benefits it can also enhance research and analytical skills.

Our online A-Level French tutors aim to develop your academic independence, this will allow you to see issues as a challenge to overcome yourself. Our online tuition services allows for our tutors to effortless combine their resources in the session in response to the needs of the student at the time. Using online tutoring sessions allows for accessibility to our services regardless of geographical restrictions.

Our online A-Level French tuition sessions aim to have you understanding and recognising high-level French vocabulary and communicating complex thoughts. Tutors will pay special attention to correct grammar and the rules that follow. Regardless of your language proficiency our tutors will be able to assist.

Our A-Level French Tutors