9+ Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning

For entrance into certain selective, grammar, and private schools entrance examinations may be set to assess a child’s suitability to the institution. 

These institutions use the Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning tests to test your child’s innate cognitive abilities rather than learned knowledge. Prospective schools use these set of examinations to indicate candidates potential for academic success further down the line. Therefore it is highly beneficial for students to fully prepare for these examinations to increase chances of success.

Various independent schools use the 9+ entrance examinations for entry into Year 5. The subjects that feature as part of the 9+ examinations differ from school to school. Two commonly featured subjects are the Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning. Certain schools will merge 9+ English and 9+ Verbal Reasoning together. Additionally, it is common for schools to  merge the 9+ Mathematics with the 9+ Non-Verbal Reasoning. Other schools will keep them as separate examinations.

At Scholarius we adopt an equally holistic and nurturing approach to education, this means we consider that each student learns in a different way. Regardless of geographical and time constraints, we believe education should be accessible to all. Due to this we offer bespoke online services. Our online tutoring services ensure that students who work best with educational technologies can utilise this.  This also enables our tutors to enhance natural abilities and accurately assess progress.

The online 9+ Reasoning tuition sessions will focus on developing your child’s ability to understand and analyse information presented visually and in the form of written language. Scholarius tutors will also aim to increase your child’s ability to read and think constructively. Supporting them to reach accurate and logical conclusions about written text and visually presented information. Examination board specification such as CEM and GL are closely monitored by our tutors

Our 9+Reasoning Tutors