9+ English

If you have made the decision to enrol your child into an independent school. Then that is a very exciting new journey.

However, independent schools have a significantly more competitive entry process. It is very likely that your child may need to take the 9+ entrance examinations. Various independent schools use the 9+ examinations to see if a child is suitable for entry into Year 5. One of the most common subjects involved in the 9+ examination process is English.

These examinations contribute to the final decision in the application progress. It is therefore beneficial for children to fully prepare for the 9+ English examinations. 

These examinations are not as common as the other entrance examinations, such as the 11+ and the 13+. As a result the preparation resources can be limited. Scholarius tutors are academic professionals who will offer a high level of support and unlimited resources so that your child will achieve their goals. 

Our tutors believe that education should be accessible and catered to each students individual learning styles, consequently Scholarius tutors also offer bespoke online sessions. This ensures that students who work better with the use of educational technology can utilise this. Furthermore, the use of emerging technologies allows our tutors to easily customise their sessions based on the needs and preferences of their students.

The team of online 9+ English tutors are also kept up to date with the content of the entrance examination and the expectations each school. Our online 9+ English tuition aims to increase your child’s ability to understand challenging and abstract concepts. Scholarius tutors intend to develop their level and range of vocabulary. This will ensure that your child has implemented a strong technique allowing them to tackle all exam questions.

Our 9+ English Tutors