9+ Entrance

Taking the 9+ entrance exam is a wonderful opportunity. It can open numerous doors for your child’s educational and personal development.

These set of examinations can however, be a lot of pressure. The 9+ examinations will test a student’s ability to understand, interpret, and analyse information in various subjects. Your child may learn a lot through this process. As it can give students an idea of what information will be further taught as they go through their schooling career.

Scholarius tutors are able to provide a broad range of tuition across a large variety of subjects that feature in the 9+ exam. The content of each 9+ examination will vary in each independent school. Our tutors will prepare tailor made tuition resources to match the specification and requirement of each school. 

We will focus on developing knowledge and understanding in particular subjects. Through our nurturing tuition style, our tutors are able to get to know and fully understand their students. Furthermore this allows our tutors to incorporate creative tuition methods to ensure that education is both challenging and enjoyable.

Our tutors are highly familiar with the entrance examination specification, including examination boards such as GL and CEM. Additionally many of our tutors have gone through the entrance examination process themselves. Thus allowing them to provide bespoke advice and support at every stage.

At Scholarius we adopt a holistic approach to education, this means we consider that each student individual learn styles. Our online tutoring services ensure that students who work best with educational technologies can utilise this. Enabling our tutors to enhance their students natural abilities and accurately assess their progress. 

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9+ Entrance Subject Tuition