7+ Entrance

Sending your child to an independent school can be extremely valuable for their academic career and personal development.

If this is your chosen course of action for your child, you have most likely heard of the 7+ Entrance Examinations. In order for your child to gain acceptance to a top independent or grammar school it is likely they would need to take an entrance examination. Sitting this examination is a wonderful opportunity, although this can be a lot of pressure for children.

Scholarius tutors have been carefully selected for their academic qualifications and ability to empathise with their students. Employing a constructive yet nurturing teaching style enables our tutors to view education holistically, ensuring that all barriers are addressed and all content is understood.

Adopting a holistic view of education, the most engaging teaching methods will be applied so that new information is learnt and applied
to appropriate contexts. Using screensharing and education technology our tutors can provide the same level of support to students, as they would in person.