16+ Science

The 16+ examinations are a set of tests used for entrance to the sixth form of independent schools. The competition at this level is relatively high, with significantly more movement occurring between schools at this age.

Science is a fascinating subject that examines the ever-changing world we live in and the processes behind this change. Science is a constantly adapting subject which has historically and currently allowed for large progress to be made of society and the environment.

Here at Scholarius Consulting, we believe that education should be accessible to everyone due to this, we offer online tuition services. Our tutors have noted that environment plays a factor into the success of tuition sessions. Adopting a holistic approach to education. Our tutors will thoroughly address all needs and concerns of your child regarding their educational career. With an equally goal-oriented and nurturing tuition style our tutors will be able to devise an effective plan to ensure your child will feel supported and ready for the upcoming entrance examination

Our tutors are kept informed with the expectation and requirements of each examination board and independent school in order to give your child the best chance of achieving their desired result. Our tutors aim to advise in developing knowledge and examination techniques.

Scholarius students will benefit from a tuition session that will challenge yet inspire them.

Our 16+ Science Tutors