16+ Non-Verbal Reasoning

The 16+ Non-Verbal Reasoning is a psychometric test used by certain independent schools to enter the sixth form.

The Non-Verbal Reasoning examines the ability of students to understand and analyse visual information and logically solve these problems.  In this way, the tests do not rely solely on your child’s knowledge or ability to analyse as in most examinations.

The 16+ Non-Verbal Reasoning assessment will include abstract, diagrammatic, inductive, logic, and spatial reasoning. Our 16+ online Non-Verbal Reasoning Tuition will focus on developing students  innate ability to apply these reasoning types to broader contexts. With an emergence of educational technologies, our tutors will use a plethora of interactive resources to ensure our bespoke tuition services transfers easily into online teaching.

The sessions tailor-made by our tutors will closely follow the specification or known expectations of schools you want to apply to.

Our nurturing tuition styles allow us to work on any limitations, including obstacles preventing students from reaching their full potential. A strong focus on developing independent learning and confidence will be applied in these sessions. 

Our 16+ Non-Verbal Reasoning