16+ Interview Skills

As part of the application to an independent or grammar school for the sixth form, it is likely an interview will be part of the process.

Many individuals get overwhelmed by the idea that interviews are there to trip you up. This negative view can often be the reason why interview performance is not to the desired standard.

Our online 16+ Interview skills sessions will aim to build confidence in your own ability and effectively communicate positive attributes. The intention is to provide students with helpful advice to apply to various interview situations. Video-calling technology allows for our tutors to build a rapport and get to know students to the same degree as our in-person tuition sessions.

These sessions will focus on soft skill development and how to structure answers effectively. So that when entering an interview situation, less stress is felt, allowing for a smoother and, more positive experience. Our online tutoring sessions allow for students to learn in an environment that is comfortable and productive for them.

With many of our tutors going through this process themselves and keeping up to date with schools’ expectations, our online 16+ interview skills tuition will also provide students with advice on what questions to expect and what specific schools are looking for in students.

Your child will be precisely matched to private tutors with the relevant experience and understanding of the specific school expectations to provide the best guidance.