16+ Entrance

Independent schooling could present your child with valuable opportunities and outstanding educational resources; however, the competition for entrance into these schools is high.

Secondary schools introduced the 16+ entrance exams to test students’ suitability for a particular school. The content and expectation of these exams will vary from school to school. Scholarius tutors are aware of these differences and have formulated revision sessions to match the specification of examination boards and private school requirements, who have set their own exams.

Adopting a holistic view of education means our online 16+ entrance exam tutors will be able to target barriers to your child’s learning and work with them to overcome these. With the use of online education technologies such as screensharing and online testing tutors will be able to accurately assess the progress being made.

Scholarius online tuition sessions allow our tutors to use whichever medium works best with your child to be utilised. Our online 16+ entrance exams sessions have been carefully constructed to allow for expert knowledge to be relayed to our students effectively and for critical reasoning skills to be strengthened.

We also offer online interview coaching for 16+ entrance interviews

16+ Entrance Subject Tuition