13+ Verbal Reasoning

A vast majority of independent schools choose to use psychometric tests to assess a child’s suitability to the school.

The 13+ online Verbal Reasoning tuition sessions are designed to help develop your child’s innate cognitive abilities and increase academic potential. As this is a test of innate ability rather than learnt knowledge, it can often be the case that students relying on language fluency and high vocabulary struggle with the 13+ Verbal Reasoning examinations.

Scholarius tutors are familiar with the expectations of schools and the requirements from examination boards to pass. Our online 13+ tutors can advise parents and students on what to expect from these examinations.

Scholarius tutoring agency believes that education should be accessible for all. By utilising online tuition technologies our tutors can ensure each session is catered to individual needs. These technologies including cloud computing which allow for students to access relevant work and resources from any device at any time. The online 13+ Verbal Reasoning tutors seek to address any academic difficulty and reduce any worries with the examination process.

Our online 13+ tutors will assist in improving your child’s ability to read and think constructively, ensuring they have a solid grasp of language analysis and pattern recognition, as well as strong writing and comprehension ability. Adopting a holistic view of education, allows our tutors to assist in providing helpful advice regarding examination anxiety.

Our 13+ Verbal Reasoning Tutors