The content and layout of the 13+ examinations will vary depending on the school. Scholarius tutors are dedicated to supporting your child through these examinations, and this includes keeping up to date with each school and exam board specifications, including CL and GEM.

The examination pressure on top of the knowledge and analysis skills required can appear stressful. Our philosophy here at Scholarius means that it is important that the approach taken by the tutors is both nurturing and constructive so students will feel complete support and comfort when entering their examinations.     

Central to our philosophy here at Scholarius is that education should be accessible. Therefore, our tutors offer online tutoring sessions so that regardless of time and location constraints your child will still receive bespoke tuition sessions . Online tuition allows students to feel comfortable in an environment that works for them, enhancing the efficiency of the sessions.

Mathematics is a core subject that will continue throughout your child’s life. Scholarius 13+ maths tuition aims to ensure that fundamental mathematic language and techniques are fully understood. Our aim is also to develop your child’s ability to reason and analyse mathematically.

Here at Scholarius we view education as a never-ending journey. We aim to assist your child down the path they have chosen to go down and provide advice on the best ways to get there.