13+ English

Many private schools in the United Kingdom employ the 13+ examinations. For the 13+ examination, knowledge regurgitation may not be enough.

To ensure your child is fully prepared for these examinations and that they will be confident in their abilities once the time comes for them to attend their chosen secondary school, our tutors have been carefully selected for their academic achievements and nurturing teaching styles.

The 13+ English examinations were introduced to assess students’ comprehension and composition ability.

Success in this set of examinations relies on your child demonstrating they have the appropriate skills and subject knowledge, whilst applying this knowledge in the proper context. Adequate preparation and techniques are therefore essential to the outcome.

Video-calling technology allows Scholarius tutors to build the similar level relationship as they would do online enabling our tutors to accurately assess where extra support is needed and respond to students’ academic requirements appropriately.

The competition for entrance into independent schools is high. Many private schools often see significant disparities between the number of students undergoing the examinations and the number of spaces being offered. Therefore, our online 13+ English tutors ensure they understand the curriculum and effectively enable your child gains a strong ability in critical analysis.