Online Tuition

Learning has never been more accessible. Advance your child’s learning with online tuition. 

With the use of developing technologies such as; online video calling, our tutors are able to assess your child’s educational needs and tailor their approach accordingly. Screen sharing also enables tutors and students to study learning materials together, just as they would in person.

With online tutoring there are no geographical barriers, meaning we can match your child with the right specialist tutor regardless of location. Furthermore, we can schedule sessions for times that best suit you.

Safeguarding at Home

As with in-person tutoring, all of our tutors are qualified teachers and fully DBS certified. We also utilise secure technology with added security features and are able to record sessions for you if you wish. These can then be used to revisit material and help children to revise.

Is A Home Tutor Online As Effective?

We offer both in-person and online tuition because our experience tells us that children respond differently to different learning environments. Although in-person tutoring can make it easier to develop rapport, many children find online tutoring more accessible. Especially after a long day of school, receiving tutoring in their home environment can be more conducive to learning.

 Scholarius tutors are also carefully selected, not only for their educational skills but also for their enthusiasm, energy and ability to engage with students. This transfers seamlessly into online tutoring.