Interview Preparation

Even with the very best education and most impressive skill-set, many adults struggle to excel in interview situations. For students, this is even more challenging.

Scholarius aims to prepare our students for all interview scenarios. Ranging from entrance interviews for independent schools to university applications.

Focusing on soft skills development and confidence, our tutors are adept at bringing out the best in our students. Many children will never have been in an interview scenario before and our interview coaching gives them the advantage of knowing what to expect. Due to our knowledge of the institutions they may be applying to, we are well equipped to prepare students for the questions they may be asked.

We spend time getting to know students so they are best able to highlight their unique strengths and skills during the interview process. Furthermore, we are able to identify and assist them in overcoming any weaknesses in their knowledge or experience.

However, interview coaching is more than knowing what questions may be asked and how best to tackle them. It’s also about instilling confidence in their abilities. As well as developing their communication skills so that their personality may shine through, even in an intense interview situation.

Our nurturing style ensures interview coaching is an enjoyable experience that leaves students not only ready but also excited to broach this milestone.