University Entrance

Congratulations on getting this far into your academic career!

If you are now looking to gain acceptance into a Russell Group university, you may have to take an university entrance exam to secure your place.

These university entrance exams are designed to test various cognitive abilities. There are a large variety of entrance examinations which will vary in each course and university.

As a leading tuition agency, our tutors possess expert knowledge and advice, which will help to prepare students for their upcoming examinations. Our university entrance exam tutors are highly dedicated and ensure that they are kept up to date with the expectation of prospective universities.

Our university entrance exam tutors possess knowledge of what is needed for educational objectives to be met. Many Scholarius tutors have been through these processes themselves, making them very familiar with the requirements needed to pass these examinations and can provide students with exclusive information.

Our tutors have experience successfully assisting students in securing offers from top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Durham.

We also offer online tuition services. This allows for international students looking for entry into a top UK university to receive the same level of tuition as our domestic students. We also offer sessions for students looking to attend universities overseas. 

We offer services for specific entrance exams such as the BMAT, SAT, TSA, and  EENGA.