GCSE Physics

This is the branch of science is concerned with studying matter, motion, and related concepts. Physics aims to understand the complexity of the observable universe. Physics is a challenging, but satisfying subject that requires strong mathematical ability, research skills, and analytical skills.

The holistic approach Scholarius tutors use, demonstrates their genuine interest in helping each child achieve their potential. Our GCSE Physics tutors will cater their private sessions and resources to what works well with your child. Going into education with this mindset allows our tutors to support your child emotionally through any form of education-related anxiety. We aim to have your child entering the examination room feeling confident in their ability and knowing how to tackle each type of exam question.

Our GCSE Physics tutors aim to deliver an engaging session to maintain their natural curiosity about the subject; we believe that information is better understood when you bond with the subject.

By continuous assessment of students performance and learning techniques, our GCSE Physics tutors will be able to update their approach in response to what is working and ensure that your child is being challenged.