GCSE French

Learning a foreign language can not only increase cultural awareness and communication skills. It can also provide an insight into the structure of the English language.

We offer bespoke GCSE French tuition services. French is among the most widely spoken languages, with countries including Belgium, Cameroon, and Switzerland having communities that use the French language. Our GCSE French tutors have been carefully vetted and chosen for their fluency in French and ability to empathise with their students ensure that your child is getting the most out of these sessions.

Scholarius tutors incorporate their students’ specific interests to encourage inquisitive minds. This allows the sessions to be enjoyable and provides students with a high level of information that can be used cross-discipline. We aim to have students see issues as a challenge to overcome themselves. Allowing you to understand and recognise high-level French vocabulary and communicate complex thoughts

Adopting a nurturing style of education ensures that revision sessions are catered to what works best with your child. Scholarius GCSE French tutors will focus on increasing confidence in learning a new language and strengthen critical listening, speaking, reading and, writing skills.

Our GCSE French Tutors