GCSE Additional Mathematics

GCSE examinations cover a wide variety of subjects. There is a large amount of content within each subject to be covered. It can appear to be quite stressful and an impossible task to succeed in.

Our GCSE Additional Maths tutors have been carefully chosen for their level expertise in this field and their ability to produce results effectively. Established in 2015, Scholarius is a leading tutoring agency that has assisted multiple students into receiving the results they desire and securing a place at top educational institutions.

The focus of our GCSE Additional Maths tutors is to ensure any gaps in knowledge are addressed, and that your child has a firm grasp of mathematical language and fundamental techniques.

Mathematical language and techniques are found in many other subjects. It is, therefore, essential to have a firm grasp with understanding, analysing, and completing mathematical problems. It is also a necessary life skill and can be extremely beneficial with chosen career paths, providing you with the sort of attributes many employers will be looking for.

Our GCSE Additional Maths tutors will be carefully paired with your child, dependent on the support needed and the specification they are using. We aim to build confidence and motivation in the subject. Guiding your child to recognise their own ability will allow them to apply given knowledge cross-discipline.

Our GCSE Additional Maths Tutors