A-Level TSA

If you are hoping to attend the University of Oxford for any of these courses: Experimental Psychology, Geography, Human Sciences, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics.

 University College London for European and Political Studies (Dual Degree as well). 

The University of Cambridge for Land Economy. 

You will likely need to take the Thinking Skills Assessment. You would need to complete the 90 minutes multiple-choice section and the 30-minute writing task for these courses at Oxford University. If you are hoping to attend for the following courses: Economics and Management or History and Economics at Oxford, you will only need to take the 90 minutes multiple-choice section. For Cambridge and UCL students, you are required to do only the multiple-choice section.

The Thinking Skills Assessment assesses candidates comprehension, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. This test examines a student’s suitability for courses that require these skills.

Scholarius TSA tutors have all secured places at Oxbridge and other Russell Group universities. They therefore know exactly what each university is looking for with prospective students and provide bespoke information on what students can expect.

Ensuring that proper preparation is done will increase the chances of success. Our TSA tutoring sessions are designed to support you emotionally, through any form of education-related anxiety, and academically so that tutors can fill any gaps in knowledge

Our A-Level TSA Tutors