The Mathematics Admissions Test is a formal university examination for students looking to attend certain Russell Group universities. Our MAT tutors strive to support young adults achieve the results necessary to obtain the future they deserve. Our MAT tutors are kept up to date with the expectations of both universities. Furthermore our tutors have also successfully completed the MAT, so are aware of the requirements needed to succeed.

These examinations are subject-specific for courses. At Oxford University the list of courses that require the MAT is as follows:

Computer Science 

Computer Science and Philosophy


Mathematics and Computer Science

Mathematics and Philosophy

Mathematics and Statistics.

Additionally, Imperial College University requires all mathematic undergraduate prospective students to take this examination.

Universities often use this examination to shortlist candidates and test their suitability to the university. It also gives applicants a chance to see the skills needed to succeed in this course. Our tutors aim to improve your ability to solve complex problems and justify this systematically. With our tutors going through the same processes themselves, they can provide bespoke information and specific tips.

Top universities are not looking only for the ability to solve complex issues, but they also require logical rationale for the justification of your answers. For this reason Scholarius tutors will ensure to have you thinking to this high standard, critically analysing your calculations, and understanding key definitions and operations.

Our MAT Tutors