A-Level English

Established in 2015, Scholarius is a leading tuition service, our tutors have successfully helped a multitude of students receive their desired English results and also secure places at top universities.

Scholarius A-Level English tutors have been carefully selected not only for their academic achievements and qualifications but also for their ability to develop skills and increase confidence in their students.

The competition at A-Level examinations is quite high as this is a key component in university acceptance. Our tutors will be able to support you on your journey through your A-Level English examination. We offer tuition services for students in both English Language and English literature

Our A-Level English tutors are experts in their field which allows them to help students gain strong abilities in critical thinking and nurture their intellectual curiosity with the subject. With this level of expertise and the abundance of resources at our tutor’s disposal, we can offer personalised tuition sessions, which will develop students’ knowledge of both the global and temporal context of different texts in a way that is understandable and interesting for them.

Here at Scholarius tutoring agency, we believe that education should be accessible to everyone in a beneficial way for all. Due to this, we adopt a holistic approach to education.

Our tutors will be accurately paired with students based on their needs and the specification they are following.

Our A-Level English Tutors