9+ Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning

For entrance into certain selective, grammar, and private schools, a set of entrance examinations may be given to assess your child’s suitability to the school. Various independent schools use the 9+ entrance examinations for entry into Year 5.

As part of the 9+ examinations, a Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning section could be included. Certain schools will merge 9+ English and 9+ Verbal Reasoning and 9+ Mathematics with 9+ Non-Verbal reasoning. Other schools will keep them as separate examinations.

The Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning tests are designed to test your child’s innate cognitive abilities rather than their learned knowledge. This set of examinations are used to indicate their potential for academic success further down the line.

The 9+ Verbal Reasoning tuition sessions will focus on developing your child’s ability to understand and analyse information presented in the form of words. Scholarius tutors will also aim to increase your child’s ability to read and think constructively, supporting them to reach accurate and logical conclusions about written text.

Our 9+ Verbal reasoning tuition services will also advise parents and students on what to expect. Therefore, when entering an exam room, students will feel prepared and confident. At Scholarius tutoring agency, we adopt a nurturing approach to education, allowing our tutors to enhance natural abilities and address anything affecting overall performance.

Our 9+ Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Tutors