7+ Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning

If you have now decided that enrolling your child into a top independent or grammar school is the right academic path. Your child will likely need to undergo entrance examinations.

The 7+ entrance exams can also include a Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning section. Certain schools will merge 7+ English with 7+ Verbal Reasoning and 7+ Mathematics with 7+ Non-Verbal reasoning.

The Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning tests are designed to test whether the school is a good fit for your child. This set of examinations indicates the potential and skills needed for secondary education.

The Non-verbal reasoning aspect of reasoning differs from most examinations. These tests do not assess knowledge. Instead, they evaluate your child’s ability to understand and analyse information presented visually.

The Verbal reasoning aspect tests your child’s proficiency in written language. These assessments focus more on a child’s reasoning skills, rather than their intellectual ability. So, it is crucial that full preparation and support is given for the desired result.

At Scholarius tutoring agency, we adopt a holistic approach to education which allows our tutors to accurately assess each student’s ability and working styles and prepare personalised resources to enhance this innate ability. Many different factors may affect a child’s testing ability. Our 7+ Verbal reasoning tuition sessions aim to support your child in addressing all barriers preventing their potential from being reached.

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