7+ Mathematics

Deciding on the correct educational path for your child is a significantly big decision.

Enrolling your child in an independent school may be the right path for them. The endless opportunities for your child’s educational and personal growth means that the competition for entry into top private institutions is high.

Your child may have to take 7+ entrance exams to gain entry to these institutions. The 7+ examinations are a set of assessments used by independent schools in the United Kingdom for entrance into top private schools. Subjects tested in this set of examinations vary in each school, however English, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, and Maths are the most common subjects to be tested. 

This set of examinations will be administered to your child during primary school. The format and questions will vary in each independent school. Certain schools may administer an online variation of this assessment; however, most schools will use a paper-based examination.

As maths is a core subject continuing throughout your child’s educational career, having strong grasp of the definitions and calculations required to progress. Our 7+ Maths tutors are familiar with the necessary objectives for your child to progress smoothly through this examination process. They will ensure that your child is familiar with mental and written calculation and understands common mathematic vocabulary.

Our 7+ Maths Tutors