7+ English

If you have decided that the right course of action for your child’s academic journey is sending them to an independent school. Then this is an exciting new journey, yet a big commitment that would require dedication, discipline, and possible changes in family lifestyle.

It is likely that if this is the path you intend to go down, your child will need to take the 7+ examinations.

The 7+ examinations are highly competitive, with many schools having a low acceptance rate. It is therefore important that your child is adequately prepared for these exams and receives constructive support to ensure their place is secured for their school choices.

Our 7+ English tuition session will aim to have your child understanding abstract concepts. Scholarius tutors intend to increase their student’s level and range of vocabulary and ensure that your child has implemented a strong technique allowing them to tackle exam questions.

The 7+ English examinations content and expectations will vary from school to school; however, your child’s writing and comprehension ability will be tested.  Our 7+ English tuition services are run by qualified educators who provide expert knowledge and support. Scholarius tutoring agency will ensure that your child is matched to private tutors with the relevant experience to ensure your child’s success. 

Our 7+ English Tutors