16+ Verbal Reasoning

Sitting the 16+ entrance examination is a wonderful opportunity. It can unlock many opportunities for future academic careers.

The 16+ entrance examinations vary from school to school and have a variety of subjects that can be tested. The Verbal Reasoning examination is a common choice for by certain independent schools at this level.

The 16+ Verbal Reasoning test examines the ability of students to understand and analyse information.  In this way, the tests do not rely solely on knowledge but also the ability to analyse information. The 16+ Verbal Reasoning examination aims to assess your child’s suitability to the school. It will be used to indicate their potential for academic success with higher education subjects. As this is a test of ability rather than learnt knowledge, it can often be the case that students relying on language fluency and high vocabulary struggle with the 16+ Verbal examinations.

These set of examinations can be a lot of pressure for your child as the movement around schools at this stage in life quite high, making competition for entry harder. The best way to support your is to help them to prepare. Our nurturing tuition styles allow us to work on any limitations preventing students from reaching their full potential. A strong focus on developing independent learning and confidence will be applied in these sessions.

Scholarius tutors are familiar with the expectations of schools and the requirements from each examination boards to pass. Our 16+ tutors can advise parents and students on what to expect from these examinations.