16+ Mathematics

The 16+ examinations are a set of entrance assessments for top independent secondary schools for entry into the sixth form.

There is significantly more movements around schools from students at this point in their academic career, making competition at this level of education quite high. 

Along with other factors such as previous results and school reports, the 16+ examinations will also contribute to whether your child attends their chosen schools.

It can appear demanding and challenging to approach such a highly competitive process. However, this can be significantly reduced with the right plan and support.

These Mathematics examinations set out to test your child’s mathematical ability. Scholarius tutors will work alongside your child to address any concerns and ensure there is a proper understanding of mathematical models, equations and, theories. Our 16+ Maths tutors will also develop your child’s ability to reason mathematically and ensure they know how to structure logical arguments.

The approach taken by our 16+ Maths tutors is both nurturing and constructive, so students will feel prepared and comfortable when entering the examinations. Scholarius tutors have been carefully selected for their approach to teaching and their level of expertise.

Being experts in their fields ensures that your child will be receiving top-level education. Our 16+ Mathematics tutors are familiar with what each school is looking for and how to meet these expectations. Tutoring sessions will be catered to the needs of the students and the expectations of the applicant schools.