16+ English

The 16+ examinations, similar to the 11+ and 13+, are a set of entrance examinations but for entrance to the sixth form of independent schools.

The competition at this level is relatively high, with significantly more movement occurring between schools at age 16. Here at Scholarius Consulting, we believe that education should be accessible to everyone due to this, we adopt a holistic approach to education. The 16+ English examinations content and expectations will vary from school to school; however, the examinations will set out to test analysis, composition, and comprehension ability.

Our 16+ English tuition services are run by qualified educators who provide expert knowledge and support. Our tutors have been carefully selected not only for their academic brilliance but also importantly for their ability to engage and empathise with their students. Thus, allowing students to gain and increase confidence in their ability.

Our 16+ English tuition sessions will focus on developing your composition and debate skills.  The tutoring sessions intend to build on your ability to understand challenging literature and increase literary analysing techniques.

Scholarius tutors have noted that students emotions towards the examination have a large impact on the outcome. Therefore our 16+ English tutors aim to also identify and assist in overcoming any weaknesses and worries they may be getting in the way of full potential being reached.

Our 16+ English Tutors