16+ Entrance

Independent schooling may present your child with incredible opportunities and outstanding educational resources; however, the competition for entrance into these schools is high.

Secondary schools in the UK introduced the 16+ entrance exams to test students suitability for the school. The content and expectation of these exams will vary from school to school. Scholarius tutors are aware of these differences and have formulated tutoring sessions to complement the specification of the examination boards or the requirements of private school who have set their own exams.

Scholarius tutoring agency aims not only for your child to achieve outstanding results but also for the examination process to be rewarding. Adopting a holistic view of education means our 16+ entrance exam tutors will be able to correctly assess any barriers to your child’s learning and work with them to overcome these.

Knowledge regurgitation may not be enough to pass the 16+ entrance exams; therefore, understanding how to apply this knowledge to broader contexts is vital. Our 16+ entrance exams sessions have been carefully constructed to allow for expert knowledge to be communicated to our students so that critical reasoning skills can be strengthened.

We also offer interview coaching for 16+ entrance interviews.

16+ Entrance Subject Tuition