13+ Science

If you have decided on the independent school route for your child, you may be familiar with the 13+ entrance examinations. These examinations will determine whether your child has the suitable qualities to attend said school.

Science is a fascinating subject that informs us about the ever-changing world we live in and the processes behind this change. Our 13+ Science tuition sessions will focus on developing your child’s grasp of the three core scientific disciplines.

Our philosophy here at Scholarius means that the approach taken by the tutors is both nurturing and constructive, this way students will be motivated in the examination process and feel supported throughout their academic journey. We aim to assist in developing knowledge, techniques and getting children to realise and achieve their full potential.

These sessions will focus on confidence and knowledge development. The aim of our 13+ Science tutors is to highlight your child’s unique strengths. Each of our qualified tutors works closely and keeps updated with the requirements of independent and grammar schools. They can accurately advise students on possible questions and how to tackle them for each specific school entrance exam. Scholarius students will benefit from a tuition session that will challenge yet inspire them

Our 13+ Science Tutors