13+ Non-Verbal Reasoning

The content being assessed of the 13+ examinations will vary throughout the different schools. Certain private schools may choose to use a Non-Verbal Reasoning test.

The Non-Verbal Reasoning tests are designed to examine your child’s innate cognitive abilities rather than their learned knowledge. For this reason, it is often the case that Non-Verbal Reasoning is not taught in schools. This set of examinations are used to indicate their potential for academic success during their schooling. They also test whether the school is suitable for your child and if they possess the skill set required for a successful academic career at the school.

Scholarius tutors are familiar all examination board requirements including CL and GEM and tailor their revision sessions to the exam board your child be tested with. Certain schools may choose to set their own paper, which will still bear a resemblance to the national curriculum. Our 13+ tutors ensure they are aware of each schools’ requirements.

The 13+ Non-Verbal Reasoning tuition sessions will focus on helping your child to think constructively and understand and recognise patterns in visual information. Adopting a holistic view of education, the most engaging teaching methods will be applied so that new information is learnt and applied to appropriate contexts.