13+ Interview Skills

For your child to gain entry to top independent schools, they may have an entrance interview.

Interviews can be a stressful process. With many successful and bright individuals struggling with this, it can be fair to say children may have an even harder time succeeding and feeling confident.

Thriving in interviews is an excellent skill to acquire from a young age, as interviews are likely to occur throughout life. Understanding how to navigate this process will strengthen skills that, down the line, make interviews no longer seem like a daunting experience.

Our 13+ Interview Skills services are run by expert tutors who are passionate about encouraging your child to recognise their ability and offering advice on interview behaviour and non-verbal communication.

Scholarius 13+ Interview Skills sessions will focus on building confidence, addressing any worries your child has, and advice on how to answer difficult questions. Our tutors will spend time getting to know and assessing your child, so we can help highlight their unique skill sets and strengths.

The 13+ interview skills session aims to demonstrate that the interview process is a conversation with a purpose and not a tool used by educational establishments to result in failure. Students will be assessing the school’s suitability for themselves as well.

Our 13+ Interview Skills Tutors