13+ Entrance

Established in 2015, Scholarius Consulting has successfully assisted children and young adults with examination preparation resulting in students securing offers from top schools and universities.

Sitting the 13 Plus exam is a wonderful opportunity. although, it can also be a lot of pressure for a child. The best way to support a child applying to a grammar school that requires them to sit the 13 Plus is to help them to prepare.

 13+ examinations are a set of entrance exams that are used by independent and grammar schools to assess a students abilities and suitability to a school. Scholarius 13+ entrance examination tutors employ a nurturing tuition style across a various amount of subjects. This approach allows our tutors to assess the way in which your child learns and focus on using optimal techniques that compliment this.

After creating a plan to reflect the requirements of the chosen school Scholarius tutors will then address student’s specific needs including advising with techniques to reduce examination anxiety.

Although our tutoring helps ready children for the 13 Plus, our aim is to engage them in the material and make learning enjoyable.

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13+ Entrance Subject Tuition