11+ Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning

If you have decided to send your child to a grammar or private school, they may have to undergo the 11+ examinations to gain entrance.

However, the competition for these schools is quite high, even the most academically able students may struggle without taking the proper preparation steps to ensure they are successful in the 11+ examinations.

A range of subjects could be tested as part of the 11+ examinations. For example, Verbal Reasoning. The Verbal Reasoning section of
the 11+ examinations tests analytical ability. This skill will be crucial throughout the entirety of your child’s educational career. The Non-Verbal aspect will assess your child’s ability to analyse and interpret visual information.

Scholarius tutors possess knowledge of what is needed to be successful in these exams. These sessions will focus on enhancing the skills needed for the 11+ Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning examinations.

It is important that your child is able to carry out the problem-solving tasks that are literacy-based and recognise relationships between information presented visually. Our 11+  Reasoning tutors will expose children to helpful literary passages to ensure they have a solid grasp of grammatical rules. This will also improve their ability to critically analyse information and logically form conclusions.

By implementing an approach that considers your child’s specific needs and providing creative teaching tactics that complement this, our tutors will be able to effectively develop your child’s confidence and nurture their intellectual curiosity.