11+ Mathematics

The 11+ entrance examinations will contribute to determining if your child attends their top choice school. These exams are regarded by many as their child’s first major examination.

These examinations set out to test your child’s mathematical fluency. As experts in the field of mathematics and related subjects themselves, our 11+ Maths tutors will be able to fill any gaps in knowledge while highlighting your child’s strengths.

As a core subject that will unavoidably continue throughout your child’s life, the aim of Scholarius 11+ Maths tuition is to ensure your child is fully prepared for their examinations and increase their ability to think and reason mathematically. It is also our aim to develop you child’s mathematic vocabulary and ensure they understand how to apply mathematic knowledge to other disciplines.

Having assisted many children through the 11+ entrance exams, Scholarius tutors have a comprehensive understanding of what each school is seeking in their potential alumni.

Scholarius tutors have in-depth working knowledge regarding many UK independent schools, with most tutors having attended themselves. Scholarius students will benefit from unique insight and advice that contributes to their entire schooling career.

With a selection of schools in mind for your child, our tutors will carefully construct teaching and revision resources for the specification and content of the examination boards chosen by each school.