11+ English

The 11+ examinations are entrance assessments used by both independent and grammar schools in the UK. The content of the 11+ examinations will vary throughout the different schools. These examinations could be the gateway to your child’s academic success, although this can be stressful.

With an equally goal-oriented and nurturing tuition style, Scholarius tutors will thoroughly address all needs and concerns of your child regarding their educational career.

These English examinations set out to test your child’s command of the English language while also assessing their comprehension and writing skills. The different examination boards will require different targets to be met for an outstanding result.

Scholarius tutors are highly familiar with both CEM and GL examination boards. Our team of qualified 11+ English tutors will adapt their approach towards what is working well for your child to keep them engaged and their academic curiosity satisfied.

Scholarius 11+ English tutors will ensure that your child has a strong understanding of the English language with particular care in their abilities of comprehension, spelling, writing, and grammar. With a selection of schools in mind for your child, our tutors will carefully construct teaching and revision packages tailored for the specification and content of the examination boards chosen by each school.