GCSE Workshop

GCSEs are seen by many students as a critical part of their academic career. With a large number of subjects examinations, it can be stressful for students to ensure they have enough knowledge in each subject to receive their desired grades.

GCSE examination results can not only contribute to career prospects, but also be a key factor in determining entrance into further academic education. Our philosophy here at Scholarius Consulting is centred around our belief that education should be accessible and enjoyable. The techniques applied by our tutors demonstrate this. Our GCSE tutoring sessions have been tailored to encourage individual strengths to thrive and for all critical content to be thoroughly understood.

Our tutors understand that there are more factors than just subject knowledge and examination techniques that contribute to the success of GCSEs . Our tutors aim to address each students’ individual needs in order to provide thorough support and guidance.

Our Intensive GCSE Workshops aim to give extra support to students who may have not had consistent prior tutoring or those students who need support in a shorter time period. Here at Scholarius Consulting we believe each child, regardless of circumstances, deserves a full and comprehensive education and the support required to reach their full potential.