Educational Psychology Services

Scholarius Consulting works with parents and children to assess and overcome the barriers to learning. A educational psychologist is an expert in the psychology behind learning, including the mental and environmental factors that may make educational settings challenging for children.

Many children struggle to absorb and retain information in educational settings. This can present itself as difficulty with motivation, understanding the curriculum, being able to focus in a classroom or being able to prove their knowledge in exam conditions. Rather than attempt to conform to an education style that is ineffective for them, a Private Education Psychologist can help children discover methods of learning that work far better for them.

Through assessing the way your child learns and what may prevent them from learning, our Private Educational Psychologist can establish strategies unique to your child’s style of learning. An individual learning plan can then be put in place to assist your child in reaching their potential.

If your child is struggling with barriers to learning, please get in touch to discover if our Private Educational Psychologist may be able to transform their educational experience.