Education Consultancy

Being highly passionate about education, Scholarius is dedicated to assisting educational institutions in developing and delivering learning programmes in the most accessible way possible.

Our Educational Consultancy service is varied. We work with schools and universities that may benefit from a review, update or development of their course content and delivery. We also work with families through our Educational Psychologist service.

Everybody learns differently. Educational institutions face the challenge of being tasked with inspiring learning in a wide variety of students from various backgrounds and with differing needs. Knowing that no one style fits all, our Educational Consultancy aims to review course materials, as well as their delivery, and identify any points at which some students may be left behind. We then work with schools and universities to close these gaps and ensure access to education is inclusive.

In addition, Educational Consultancy may be required to assist in course planning, taking into account new technologies and changes in circumstance that may leave standardised means of delivering material lacking. For example, when home or online learning is necessary.

Furthermore, there may be opportunities to create and/or develop specialist courses for students who need further support. Or for those who would benefit from being additionally challenged.

Get in touch with us to discuss how our Education Consultancy offering may support you.